Take a Stand

Yes, we’ve all heard the news by now: As of February 10, 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, Title I, Section 101 law was put into effect, which has shut down the sale of motorcycles to children under 13 because of the lead content! This deemed motorcycles as hazardous materials! Are you serious?

It’s time to take a stand. Sign the petition at Missouri State Representative Tom Self’s Web site. Then, contact your state’s representative like I did, and let them know what’s up!

Dear Mrs. Kathy Castor,

As a 2007 graduate of the University of South Florida where your mother Betty Castor holds a high honor, I am hopeful that this letter reaches you and that you will have a hand in helping any way that you can.

I am writing to address the recent Safety Improvement Act that has shut down the sale of motorcycles to children. I am particularly concerned with this as I have been riding motorcycles since the age of four and believe that my dirt bike is the reason I am not dead or in jail somewhere. I started riding dirt bikes with my father on the weekends, and that is what kept me out of trouble during school. My dad would rather have had me running around at the dirt bike track than at the mall or the movie theater. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for dirt bikes, I would have dropped out of school and turned to drugs and or alcohol, which is what happened to so many of my childhood friends. With dirt bikes, I was able to stay straight because I couldn’t ride my dirt bike if I didn’t keep up with my schoolwork. As a result of my good grades, I developed a strong competitive drive, which earned me a scholarship to attend college, and I then went on to graduate.

I believe this law is totally sending the wrong message to families across the country; families are struggling as it is and dirt bikes give busy parents a reason to spend time with their children and in turn, children develop a bond with their family that is second-to-none.

I am all for improving the safety of the sport, and I always wear a helmet and full-protective gear when I ride, but if or when I have children, and they are not allowed to ride motorcycles even if they want to, if they cannot make their own decisions as to what makes them an individual, then what will they turn to, instead? I am crossing my fingers that I won’t have to find out. Thank you for reading, Mrs. Castor.



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