Two of Three

It’s Friday the 13th again and already the second time this year that that’s happened. I’m not even really that superstitious, but a lot of people are, and it is interesting how Friday the 13th will occur three times in 2009.

Did you know there’s such a thing as a medical term for Friday the 13th? It’s called “Paraskavedekatriaphobia.” [pê-ræs-kê-vey-dê-kæ-tri-ê-‘fo-bi-yê] Say that one time fast!

Here are a bunch of cool facts about Friday the 13th, if you’re bored.

Also, read up on Free Style, the lastest film to hit the big screen, starring Corbin Bleu as a young motocross star chasing his dream for the almighty Loretta Lynn’s championship, and the actor had never even been on a dirt bike before! But, naturally, he was hooked. “I hope I can keep up the streak with this motocross. What these guys go through is pretty difficult. It’s really the most physically demanding sport in the country,” he said.

“My plan is to be (to motocross) what Jack Nicholson is to the Lakers. Hopefully, I can make it to every game,” Bleu said

Check out some of the behind the scenes footage from their location in Canada. The movie looks to be the real deal with some freestyle stunts added into the mix, and Grant Langston as a guest star, but the best part is, of course, the storyline.

“My character is on this really intense mental journey encountering adversity at every turn and having to find his inner-core, which drives him to persevere through it all. It’s going to be one wild ride,” Bleu said.

Sounds like it. This movie is perfectly motocross since it’s packed with drama and the massive following of the High School Muscial’s hottest star can’t hurt. In addition to starring in the movie, Corbin Bleu is also one of the producers, AND he wrote and performed the lead song on the soundtrack.

I have a feeling there will be two very different kinds of people in the audience on this one. The tatted up flat bills will sit their baggy black Dickies quietly in the back, while the glittery pink lip glossed pre-teens put up the fuss down in front! But, finally, some love for the sport!  And with the current crisis from the lead law, what a better time than now!

The Jeremy Lusk Legacy Foundation has t-shirts for sale.

Place your order now. I just did.
At the New Orleans Supercross this weekend, One Industries and Hart & Huntington will raise awareness for the Make it Right foundation.
In New Orleans this weekend, One Industries and Hart & Huntington will be pink with awareness for the Make it Right foundation.


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