Well, well, well. Read this interview on with the GOAT and see what you think. Ricky Carmichael definitely just opened up a huge can of worms with his thoughts on the sport where his name is a synonym for the Greatest of All Time! He doesn’t even know what we, the motocross community, think about his switch to four wheels! 

“I think that some of the old racers are pulling for me, for sure, and I’m sure that I have some that are hoping that I fail [laughing]. It’s a pretty brutal sport, in that aspect and that’s the only thing that I don’t miss about it. The lack of respect is just terrible,” RC said.

That’s some pretty heavy stuff right there. RC also opened up about his children and his thoughts on their future in the sport. “If it’s going to be in motorsports it’s definitely going to be on four wheels,” he said.

I can see it now…Carmichael Jr. battling it out with the Doug Gusts and Bill Ballances of tomorrow? Ah, yes. One can only hope.

What else is the motocross industry lacking? Find out here from Nate Adams, who just started a motocross glove company called Deft, which means showing art or skill in performing or doing. “We snowboard a lot, and being involved in that so much has let us see what the motocross industry lacks compared to those board sports,” Adams said. Perfect.

Here’s some food for thought. I found this article in the Tampa Tribune about a Florida racer named Kelsey Morris. The writer explained how, “Kelsey’s teachers have called home with concerns because teenage girls with bruises don’t translate to motocross racing.”

I had a flashback to my middle school racing days. I’d go to school on Monday after racing a pretty gnarly harescramble on Sunday and, most of the time, I’d be all cut up, battered, bruised and extremely sore, but in high spirits to brag about my battle scars. Pretty soon, the teachers caught on and they called a parent-teacher conference in regards to “the situation at home.” My parents were beyond mortified; well, especially my mother. She was so embarrassed having to explain to the principal why she would allow her first-born daughter to race motorcycles while I just sat there next to my dad, and we were both grinning like fools. I couldn’t wait to get back on my bike!


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