This weekend’s first ever supercross in Jacksonville will be the fifth Florida city to host the event, and I’ve been following all of the hype.  The press deemed it, “the hotly contested interstate rivalry between Tampa’s Chad Reed and Haines City’s James Stewart.” It struck me. Yes, it’s a rivalry, but it’s not the interstate rivalry that comes to mind when I think of Interstate 4, the connector between Tampa and Haines City, and Jacksonville’s just off I-95. Maybe if it were hyphenated: inter-state?

Alas, it’s water under the bridge because either way, “I think the dislike is real,” Reed said. “[James] doesn’t think of me as his biggest threat and the fact he doesn’t see that is disrespectful.”

All James is worried about is keeping it on two wheels. “I really don’t think the rivalry is because we don’t like each other. I don’t have a problem with Chad,” Stewart said. “We just want to beat each other. I will say he’s the last guy that I want to beat me, though. You want it to remain respectful. I’d rather go down because I got beat, not because I got sucker-punched. I won’t act that way — unless I have to.”

Read what Jeremy Albrecht  had to say about this rivalry in the Fumes and Feuds article.

Did you see the newest member of the Italian Mafioso, priced at ONLY $8499? Aprilia’s MXV 450 is the only dirt bike in the world with a V-Twin-engine! I bet it vibrates like a SOB, but I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like! Braaap!

Finally, wrap your head around this one! Riding underwater?


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