Fear Itself

My visit to Syracuse uncovered more than record temperatures, like my fear of flying. I know it’s safer to fly than to drive, but at least you know who’s in control when you get behind the wheel! We’ve all heard the drunk pilot stories. So, anyway, I said my prayers and made it home safe, just in time for E:60. If you missed it, shame on you! Here’s the preview.

It’s a fact of life that I had to turn in my interview with James Stewart right before the spot aired on ESPN. 

Jason Samuels produced the show and posed the questions. “Are you the most dominate performer in any sport?” – Man, what a great question! – and no one missed the slight curl in James’ upper lip when he finally answered, “Yes.”

Now that I’ve heard what James had to say, I’m glad I didn’t play the race card in our interview. Hindsight really is 20/20. I still don’t think that is the reason why he is the fastest man on the planet. You’ll have to read our interview to find that out.

Fear, in fact, is a motivating factor behind much of his success. “I guess, in a sense, I’m so afraid of losing that I scare myself to win,” James said.

I did some research on Jason Samuels, the senior producer for E:60. He holds a Master of Journalism from the University of California at Berkeley, which was second on my short list of schools, but I’ve since been matriculated into the graduate program at Syracuse University. It’s interesting how Samuels grew up in NYC, went to school in California and returned to work in the City. He’s also a journalism professor at NYU! 

There is nothing to fear but itself!

Here’s some interesting points on the upcoming weekend, with the Kentucky Derby and the Supercross finale in Vegas. “Both sports however share one thing and that is the finish line.”

Further down is the May 30th Hangtown Classic, which will be even more exciting with just one day of racing this year, but there’s no beer coolers allowed inside anymore. Read more here from the Sacramento Bee.

In memory of Jacob Nash


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