DNA Energy Drink stepped up as sponsor to the world’s only amateur FMX contest series this Saturday, May 23, at the Hard Rock Cycle Park in Ocala, Fla.

So, while the pros are out at Glen Helen hitting the hills wide open, the ramps at Hard Rock will be set sixty-five feet apart! The FMX East Challenge should open up some doors for those young riders who are hoping to get noticed for their one hander lander.  Check out the Web site for the amateur classification, the benefits of riding and what you will get if you win.

Read this interview with the developer of the new Supercross game for the iPhone. The tracks are designed by a real-life motocross champion, but they forgot to mention who…

From the News Virginian, this track developer has the right idea in opening up a sporting facility for more than just motocross. “I want to get kids off the street and support them and get behind them,’’ said Terry Argenbright. Amen to that.


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