Today, someone told me, “If it’s good, they’ll read it on toilet paper,” which pretty much confirmed my plan to launch a new East Coast motorcycle magazine! The opportunity to publish a first class publication could not come at a better time for all of us.

After years of writing for Florida Motocross Magazine, I have come to love the small joys of grassroot reporting. Plus, the people love a free publication, so we both win. They’ll actually sit down and read the flimsy rag, word-for-word most of the time and there are always some people reading more of that than reading anything else.

On a lighter note, I was supposed to have a meeting with the defending Canadian motocross women’s pro national champ, my good buddy Jacqueline Ross, but she had to rain check at the last minute! This weekend is the first round of the series for J-RO, but I guess that will have to wait! I’ll talk to her after she gets ‘er done at the opener with the #1 plate. If you haven’t checked out her race bike, click here.


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