I’m sure eighteen-year-old-rookie Tyler Bowers is the youngest 450 rider in the professional motocross class this season, and he has already earned a name for himself, so much that Transworld had to catch up with him about it. [Scroll down to the Kentucky kid’s responses at the bottom.] Tyler rides for MotoConcepts and will be gaining more national attention now, with the gnarly highspeed crash right in front of the camera in the live second moto broadcast from the Texas national. Not mentioned in Trans interview was that my dear friend Nick Hoffman is Tyler’s mechanic now and working for MC these days, living in SoCal, spending all of his time working, testing and training with his best bud, TyBo, whom he used to wrench for back in their amateur days, at Loretta’s, before either of them turned pro. It was always something listening to Nick re-live the thrills of their victories, the nostalgia – Nick was always ten years older. I wondered when they would be together again, and since he got the job, I bet it’s sooner than later!

There’s a guy in Jax that thinks he has the name Team 186, but there’s actually a real Team 186 with a real owner, Alex Hunter. He and I actually have a few things in common. I love how he’s finding a way to carve his niche in the sport. Find out here.

Here is some not so good news from the North Country. I did not find J-RO’s name on the results from Canada. #2 Heidi Cooks went 1-1. Something went down…

Strange how some environmental rules recently shut down a motocross track on Prince Edward Island that’s been open for years. Check out the reader’s comments on this one.

Also, here’s some added cause for concern, eh? Canadians are fighting over how much money it costs to respond to the motocross track!

Down in the Sunshine State though, there‘s a cool article in Florida Today on a 10-year-old surfer dude from Melbourne who used to ride dirt bikes and now surfs for Fox.

Check out this interview with Florida’s Fox JP$! Show some love!

Apparently, there’s a southern rock artist named Skeeter Biscuit who has just filmed a music video out of the Orlando area where he was riding around on his dirt bike! Can’t wait to see that…


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