For the first time in history, a major network is set to air a big time dirt bike race live on T V! The High Point MX national will be broadcast Saturday at 4:30 p.m. Check it out!

There’s great news on the Alaskan Peninsula! “When the economy goes bad, I’ve heard racing goes up. People are just looking for things to do closer to home.”

…How is it that I was just about all set to interview FL’s own Matt Goerke for the next feature in FLmx, and he injures himelf? Man, he was hauling up at the first few rounds, having just jumped on the 450 for outdoors! Get well soon, Beef!

It was not long ago when I blogged about a twelve-year-old boy named Joey Gibbs who was paralyzed in a motocross accident. Well, that didn’t stop him from riding! Recently, the Dream Come True Foundation sponsored the Gibbs family on a trip to Hawaii. Joey was able to tandem surf in Waikiki! Killer!

Right now, I’m in Charlotte scoping out my sister’s soon-to-be almamater Queens University. She’s playing lacrosse for the Royals and will be majoring in one of the sciences! Go, Shep!


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