The ‘Cuse

Well, I’m a New York resident. I just moved into my apartment in Syracuse. School starts next Monday, and I can’t wait!

There’s a New York artist named Ryan Humphrey who actually turned a whole room of BMX bikes into an artisic phemonmenon. Check out the “Bicycle: people + ideas in motion” display in Philly here.

Interesting article out of Temecula Valley’s alternative paper on the hip-hop band DGAF, meaning “a lifestyle that says you live your life the way you want to.” Motocross is mentioned.

There’s talk of a 10-acre motocross track to be built on some 550 acres in Manatee County, Fla. “The site would include “bumps and jumps” designed by a leading national track designer, said landowner Peter Shirk. Here’s hoping it becomes a world class attraction.

Don’t miss this DZP interview with the Thundercross girl Brinsley Dyess, and watch out for her at Loretta’s this year! She’s fast!

Kenny G was here in the ‘Cuse this weekend for the 27th Annual Jazz Fest, and some 50,000 fans showed up for the free event!

Last but not least, make sure you read this article in Esquire magazine on just how hard it is to find a job these days. Scary, but true.


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