From scarcity to surplus

As I’m sitting here in my News Writing and Reporting lecture updating my blog from my brand new iTouch while one of the professors is talking, I’m thinking, this is probably not a good idea. We’re supposed to be in “Touch Down” zone, but the technology literally is right at my fingertips, and with the wi-fi connection, it’s just too tempting. That’s the point, right? The class of 2010 is special, see, and they want us to know it. On the first day of school, more than 200 students were given a gift to demonstrate just how special we are, and last year’s students, who are lingering around and acting as TA’s after graduating from last year’s program, couldn’t be more jealous. Last year, for their welcome gifts, they received jump drives. Alas, one year ago, there was no Twitter.

Now, the professors at the Newhouse school want to keep us “in touch.” No pun intended. No, these handheld devices are not going to replace our instincts, or the ability to gather and report the news, but as one of the professors said before, we are on the cusp of history, should and will take full advantage of reporting and researching now in real time. As the pioneers in an industry of instantaneous interaction, we are special. There areย  more people than ever who have instant access to the news, and that number is on the rise. Now, there’s interactive audience participation. We are affecting the news with our blogs and our tweets, those reader generated comments. Now, the only question remains, or at least one of the most important, is how to make money…I’ll let you know what I find out.

Check out this video on Ben’s Rule – “One manโ€™s unrelenting – personal mission – to make motocross practice facilities safer for our children.” A few months ago, I interviewed Ben Geiger, Sr., and this would be a fine supplement to my story.


One Reply to “From scarcity to surplus”

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