The Nat’ls

Today, I’m off to the NYS fairgrounds to check out the 10th annual Syracuse Nationals where there’s said to be more than 7,000 hot rods on display and everything from tractor pulls to snowmobile drag races. I’m in!
There was no sign of the Great Depression or a depressed economy, but instead I couldn’t believe how many hot rods and cruisers crowded the fairgrounds at the Syracuse Nationals, plus I got to see the world’s most famous car – the Bat Mobile! Of course, it was just a replica from the 1960’s, and it still cost $15 to get your picture taken sitting in it. I learned a lot I didn’t know about the car crazed community in N.Y. to Canada and beyond. I also didn’t know cars from the thirties (and beyond) could look so good!

Probably the best part was watching the tractor pulls, which was something I’d never seen before! Imagine that.


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