I just learned how to use the audio editing application Audacity in my news editing class, so I’m hoping to post a link to the Ian Trettel interview for next month’s FLmx Magazine.

I haven’t updated my moto news in a while, so here goes:

Minnesota’s been showing some love to Tucker Hibbert and his full-time mechanic Rory Beckman. Hibbert is a four-time Winter X Game gold medal winner and the only athlete competing at the top level in motocross and snocross. “The competition and the pressure are the same,” Hibbert said. “Physically, the biggest thing is you use different muscles, so I’m pretty sore for a couple of months. “I’ve found that each sport complements the other.” Click here to check out Hibbert’s Web site. SICK!

This weekend in Chicago, Ronnie Renner attempts to break his own world record. Check out this video, and look at his hair!

Read this article on the GOAT’s “infectious fame” as he’s crossing over into NASCAR. He said he needs to be cut a little slack!


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