I’m writing my first graduate journalism story on motorcycle safety as it relates to Syracuse, N.Y. At first, I thought about spinning the recession into a local issue – motorcycle sales are on the rise unlike most everything else in this country. But, it came to my attention  last week that a SU student died in a motorcycle accident just outside the city, so I changed my focus. The police reported that the victim, a U.S. Army OEF Veteran Sergeant, was wearing a novelty-style helmet, which is not approved by the Department of Transportation, thus sparking some debate. Now, I’m just trying to wrap my head around the helmet law in New York, which is easier said than done. I’m learning  a lot though…Did you know motorcycle fatalities increased in 2008  for the eleventh year in a row? Ride smart, people.

Reminder in Syracuse
Reminder from Syracuse


In moto news, Tallahassee girl Jessica Patterson grabbed her first win of the season in the Lucas Oil AMA/WMA Pro Motocross Championship at Washougal on Saturday. Maybe last week’s interview with Vurb Moto pumped her up!

Glad to hear Red Bull’s Ronnie Renner broke his own quarterpipe height record this weekend in Chicago, but I knew he would.

Renner in Chi-Town | Image by Chris Tedesco | Courtesy of Red Bull
Renner in Chi-Town | Image by Chris Tedesco | Courtesy of Red Bull

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