Screw Loose

The last time I interviewed the Florida motocross/surfer sensation Lucas Crespi, his nickname was “Screw Loose,” and I’m wondering if it’s still the same after his professional debut in the motocross series this summer. Soon, I’ll come to find out when I interview him for the October issue of FLmx. This is after I ask him about the recent surgery on his ankle, what he did with the $500 “Hard charger award” that he won at Unadilla and, most importantly, what about the switch from Honda to Suzuki? I read the BBMX team was thinking about it, and according to some of their riders’ Facebooks and MySpace pages, it’s a done deal!

Crespi as an amateur at Dade City
Crespi as an amateur at Dade City

Speaking of Unadilla, I went back to the valley on Sunday for the 10th round of the Grand National Cross Country series. It was a blast and great watching those guys battle back and forth through the deep, dark woods of New York. Before the race, one of the locals pointed out another local by the name of Ben Bouwens, who had wrapped up his championship in New York’s harescramble series, so he signed up in the XC1 PRo class. We made fun of his white open-faced helmet and full waterproof rain gear, instead of the everyone elses’ full faced helmet, jersey and pants. Yet, when the green flag dropped, it was that guy out front of all the factory machines. Man, he had everyone shaking their heads! Did he have a screw loose?

Pics to come – after class. Priorities!


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