Here's to you, Oscar Diaz
Here's to you, Oscar Diaz
In between classes, the part-time job I picked up, SU football games, my personal training sessions at Bally and wrapping up my tribute to Oscar for FLmx – Whew, and it’s deep – I haven’t even had time to catch up on my moto news, nonetheless update my blog, which is such a big no-no in my world! Still, I’m trying to keep up…

Google alerted me of the October 2009 issue of Sports Illustrated Kids, which features a bonus section on Florida’s Ashley Fiolek: “Motocross sensation Ashley Fiolek is not an ordinary teenage girl. While most girls her age are concerned with make-up and boys, Fiolek was focused on winning an X-Games gold medal in motocross. At 17 Fiolek had won nearly all of the 12 races on the Women’s Motocross Association circuit en route to the 2008 Championship. Coupled with her competitive drive is another characteristic that separates Ashley from her counterparts; she has been deaf since birth.”

There’s an error, though. Fiolek won the 2009 Women’s Motocross Championship. In 2008, she won the AMA/WMA Women’s Professional Motocross Championship. Whoops!

Here, AP talks about the only road to Powder Mountain, Utah. This, after a motocrosser lost his life when his motorhome crashed after leaving the race at the resort. The road is: “steeper and more treacherous than most roads used by large vehicles.”

And, the best for last! BBMX‘s Jason Thomas wins the Montreal Supermotocross for the second time! Read more about JT$’s win this year and what’s been deemed a “spectacular runaway MX1 win,” here.

Ben Blackburn

JT $ layin it down for da florida boys!! Sounds like he really likes the zuk!!
Mike Gee
Lucas Crespi
thats my boy yea jt


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