Sunday Fun Day

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s called motocross and not motorcross…read this for a laugh. There’s even a reference to being lazy! “As all motocross people are in a race to get to the end of everything including words.”

Legend has it: Carey Hart’s up for FMX Rider of the decade. I ❤ Hart!

To ride or not to ride? That’s the question for MX 691, Rhode Island’s newest exclusive off-road riding park, which happens to be zoned for residential use. Whoops!

Also, some very light reading with the essentials of air filter cleaning! That’s one of the few things I learned how to do as an amateur! Thanks, Dad. (Oh, and by the way, I received a letter from Ford Motor Company in the mail notifying me of a defect (09S09) in the Explorer, and until I can have the recall service performed, I need to park my vehicle outdoors away from structures to prevent a potential fire from spreading! Seriously?)

One week until the 38th Thor Winter National Olympics presented by Pro Circuit at Gatorback in Gainesville!

First up Monday is the supercross track


Let the shenanigans begin!

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