One year ago, today…

38 years strong!

…I was snapping pics at Gatorback, watching guys like Justin Barcia and Taylor Futrell tear it up in the 250A/Pro-Am Stock class, both of whom have since gone on to become professionals and household names might I add. What’s more, Barcia won rookie of the year! Now, as I sit here sifting through these old photos, I wonder who will go out on top this year at the Mini O’s, and who might be signing autographs next year; Barcia’s signing all week at Mini O’s. Without further ado, I offer you a snapshot in time…

If looks could kill...
The 250A/Pro-Am Stock class started things off

Barcia gave chase to Mike McDade

Futrell, 277, got tangled in one moto
This year, one thing's for sure: All eyes are on this guy, Malcolm Stewart, who went 8-0 last year on a two stroke! Now that he's in the A class, can he repeat?


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