Plus 25

“A writer can spin on about his adventures after thirty, after forty, after fifty, but the criteria by which these adventures are weighed and valued are irrevocably settled in the age of twenty-five.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Instead of waking up early to hit the malls and go shopping, I spent Black Friday (my birthday) surrounded by sunshine, my true family and friends at the 38th annual Thor Winter National Olympics in Gainesville, and that’s worth a helluva lot more than what was on sale at the mall.

By the time I arrived on Friday, the weeklong event was winding down, but that morning, we paid tribute to Oscar Diaz and set up a table full of custom designed t-shirts (Thanks J-RO!) next to his #468 Honda and a collage of smiling photos of him.

A number of people stopped to ask who the shirts were for: “What happened to Oscar?” I tried to explain it…if that’s you, click here.

Rest In Paradise

I stood there all day catching up with friends and talking business with the big whigs, watched FL’s Ian Trettel win all of his motos, (He went on to win ALL four championships in 250 A Stock and Mod and Open A Stock and Mod), saw Malcolm Stewart in his street clothes, still nursing his injured shoulder, chatted up Kyle Williamson about his new PintoMX Web site. (Check out his voice interviews with guys like Trettel and Gannon Audette.) I kept hoping to see Ricky Carmichael walk by so I could wish him a happy birthday, too, since RC tweeted about being at the Mini O’s earlier in the week, but I missed him.

Driving home, I figured I’ve fit more into these past 25 years than I ever thought possible, which makes me more excited for the next 25 years!

Check out more Oscar coverage, here!


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