Just the other day, a new friend sent me a chain letter text message that said:

“2009’s is nearly over so pass the smile 🙂 to anyone that made u smile this yr. It might suprise u how many u get bac.”

I shook my head and smiled at the obvious spelling errors. Text messaging is making us lazy! But that’s another topic, altogether. Read more. I thought back to the beginning of this year and who was making me smile and how much that’s changed since I moved to Syracuse for school. Now, an entirely new circle of friends makes me smile, along with my professors, my Canadian roommate, other acquaintances and just New Yorker’s in general. I’ve noticed how some have a tendency to end every sentence with a question and they’ll use phrases like, “It’s wicked cool,” instead of “That’s sick.”

Speaking of slang, ESPN’s Brian Tunney came up with a list of reasons why BMX is the better action sport. With tricks called the grizzly air, which I had to Google – it’s a type of one footer – BMX sure is different!

Now, from motocross.com, here’s what really happened at the 2009 Mini O’s, but not one mention of Orlando’s factory-backed 9-year-old Jordan Bailey except that he won both supercross and motocross championships and three out of four motos in the 51 (7–8) Stock class. This week, I’m giving Jordan a call to set up an interview for the January issue of FLmx! Stay up.


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