Look and listen

JT’s been in the news lately, in motocross and on the Billboard charts. Timberlake hit with his new single, Carry Out: “Take my order cause your body like a carry out, Let me walk into your body till you hear me out.” Sure takes some contemplating, but JT$ said it straight up in the Racer X interview with his words on Tiger’s drama. Interesting.

Need some reading material? Check out the research paper I contributed to. Well, at least took about two hours out of my day to sit down with one of my classmates/reporters and talk about dirt bikes and my perception of extreme sports athletes. But I was left out of the finished piece – com646_extreme_sports_final – a paper examining the role of media in shaping the group and individual identities of extreme athletes. They pooled 27 people, 20 men and 7 women from 14 different sports and named motocross seventh on their list, but failed to mention  motocross AT ALL in the entire paper!

“We were forced to use only a few to back up our points so not everyone made it in unfortunately,” the reporter said in consolidation. “You did say some good stuff though.”

Damn right I did. Oh, well. Another classmate profiled me for his ‘day in the life’ story, which we turned into an afternoon mountain bike ride. He pegged me on-point and sincere, but I’m willing to bet the writer paraphrased a few things and/or did not use a tape recorder. Sure, that’s beside the point. Check.it.out. Day in the Life – Nanavati

Google alerted me on a similar article on shredding stereotypes and modern perceptions of extreme sports by Cameron Livermore. The article quotes a guy named James Stewart, but I did my research and it’s not the real JS7, nor does Livermore explain just who this James Stewart is. (He’s a research associate.) One should know better than to use a quote from someone with the same name as the best athlete in the sport, without explaining there’s a coincidence! It’s not like he went out and got an interview with James Stewart, Jr. Ha!


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