“I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.”

It’s Christmas in New York and my first away from home. I just opened the box my mom sent with all my stocking stuffers. I thought I’d outgrown stockings, but the tradition continues. Mom, I’m still holding the Flarp! Noise Putty over your head!

One tradition I hate to violate is riding on Christmas. It was always my father’s tradition and one we never violated. I remember the first year I got a dirt bike for Christmas, a brand new ’96 XR 100! I was 11 and we loaded up, despite cries from my mom. “It’s tradition!” we’d say, and head out to the nearest riding area. It was always a gas and we’d join a slew of riders out there trying out their gifts, too. Here in New York, everyone goes boarding on Christmas, or sledding since it’s, like, 30 degrees. I’m staying inside to watch Christmas Vacation for the umpteenth time, another family tradition! Check out this photos I uncovered from the good ol’ Florida Trail Riders days. One year, I lined up as Ms. Claus! It was classic!

Merry Christmas!

As we round out the rest of the year, like most people, I’m wondering what to call the next decade. Is it twenty-ten? Two-thousand ten? I’ve heard two-ten and oh-ten. What about 2KX?

Tim McGraw’s song, Something Like That, was the most popular song from Jan. 1, 2000, to Dec. 17, 2009 with 487,343 spins! The New York Times dubs Tiger Woods the person of the year. ?  Time Magazine’s 10 Worst Things About the Worst Decade Ever!


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