Winding down

Here in Syracuse, it’s 10 degree and blowing snow. The apartment’s howling in the wind. If I raise the shade to look out the window, cold from the outside hits and I shudder back in the Snuggie I’m wearing. It’s leopard print and my roommate’s Christmas gift from her family back home in Florida, fifteen minutes away from my mom’s house where my sister’s lying out in the sun! I just turned on my Sunlight. Thanks, Santa!

It’s been said, “the Nuclear Cowboyz may do for motocross what World Wrestling Entertainment did for wrestling.”

Have you even heard of the Nuclear Cowboyz? According to alliteration in the San Francisco Chronicle, the “post-apocalyptic motocross spectacle sprinkles scantily clad dancers and special effects atop a gas-fueled ballet of high-flying motorbikes.” Sounds like a fun show to me!

While Nuclear Cowboyz hit 15 North American cities in 2010, the closest they come to N.Y. is the first show in Pittsburgh on January 2, with one stop in ATL, Tampa and three stops in California. Dang…check out the Cowboyz’ press release on Wonderwall, a Web site with a horizontal scroll!

Perhaps the most thrilling new bike review I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading: Gettin’ Busy With The Hottest Chick in Class.

“The 2010 YZ450F is the new girl in class, with everyone sniffing around trying to get a ride. Some of the other magazines have ridden her, but only quick and dirty in one location before she went home…We wined and dined our hot date all over the place, getting busy at the track, in the woods and even wide open on a quarter-mile dirt track…and the more we rode her the more she liked it!”

Hilarious, guys. It reminds me of an article I once read called, “Sometimes I wish I was the bike.” I wonderI could find it now…

Finally, after a third place MX1 finish in the 2009 Canadian Motocross Nationals, it looks like Bobby Kiniry of Syracuse, N.Y. flew south to sign with the Miami-based Butler Brothers MX team AND ride the new Suzuki RMZ-250F race bike! BBMX boss chatted with Pit Pass Radio about the upcoming supercross season. “The team has a new title sponsor, BTO Sports, and they will be riding Suzuki’s after a long history with Honda.” It’s go time!


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