A new look

Have you seen the January issue of GQ? I was working on a letter to the editor about it, but he took out the damn letters all together. Now there’ s just a table of contents on page 8. What do I know about GQ, anyway? I only started reading GQ this semester for a critique assignment. Read it here.

A few months later, I consider myself a huge fan of GQ and not only because it’s a Newhouse publication, or because the photographer shot Rihanna topless for the first issue of a new decade.

I’m stoked because the reporter Lisa DePaulo asked questions that seems like only GQ could get answers to. Read the interview, here. Intense journalism, especially from a men’s magazine. The editors really put a lot of thought into making jokes. Check out the 18 “Friends” who make Facebook annoying. There’s an article on getting high — Must Everybody Get Stoned — and it’s pretttty straight up. Fine job, GQ! Even my non-journalist friends could pick up the issue and enjoyed a few laughs and/or learn something new. Just like Rihanna, the editors let their guards down this month. After all, who knew GQ was originally known as the Gentlemen’s Quarterly? Just kidding. As for the public’s opinion on the Rihanna photos, it’s a laugh.

Rihanna Goes Topless For GQ‘s January 2010 Issue | Rihanna Covers ‘GQ’ Magazine January 2010


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