Things I did not know until this morning…

The Donald Junior is a motocrosser: “If you’ve seen me in a suit; you’ll probably see me in my pick-up truck with a motorcycle strapped on the back.”

– The 2010 Canadian women’s national motocross championships will have shorter motos, which may make the racing closer, more exciting and a stronger draw, but will undoubtedly piss some people off. “The motos will be 12 minutes + 2 laps.”

Endurance, a book by the Brooklyn-based photographer Theresa Ortolani, takes a look (finally) at the world of off-road racing: “a sport that is at turns beautiful and inescapably brutal.” Ortolani followed White Plains, N.Y. native Nate Kanney thousands of miles across the U.S. and Europe to capture his ascent from privateer to factory KTM, “an achievement that required beating world champions riding bikes three times the cost of his.”


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