Fairy tales

I heard the roar from inside the Carrier Dome a block away on my bicycle. I hauled it up University Hill, twenty minutes late for the biggest game of the year. Somehow, I’d scored a ticket to history in the making and the place packed 34,616 people inside, (49,250 capacity)

Check out this interesting slideshow on SU’s biggest fans.

34,616 of me and my closest friends

That night, a roaring good time, Syracuse basketball made history and clinched the Big East basketball championship Number one for the first time in twenty years.

“A satellite view of the U.S. probably showed an orange splotch on Central New York so glaring it looked like the sun. Well, maybe not glaring enough to cut through gray, snowy soup that was the Syracuse sky.” CSNPhilly.com

I’m still riding the high of that night, basking in the #BeatNova glory. I feel somewhat responsible, after all. I faithfully rode my bicycle to the game in the 30-degree sleet and got free parking. I remember the last time I felt like this, in 2007 when West Virginia University ranked the number one party school in the country, and I happened to be moving to work there all at the same time. Sweet Jesus. One of my professors describes it as being grounded in a sense of place and being in the moment. In photography, it’s becoming one with the camera, taking pictures with purpose and controlling the background.

This week, two Newhouse alumni came through and I heard it straight from two seriously competitive journalists in New York. One worked for one of the biggest publishing company’s in the city, until: “They weren’t investing in me,” she said.

Both said there’s no need to get hung up on landing a big-whig magazine job right out of graduation (even though that’s what I want). Assistants don’t necessarily get to write or be creative in the corporate environment. And worse the plush feature print jobs have such low turnovers. Starter slots sometimes include administrative work. EEK! (I’m willing though.)

So, consider working for a Web site or regional magazine,”Smaller places, you’ll write tons.” There’s freedom from the publisher, or at least not as much scrutiny. It’s sort of a breeding ground for the fairy tales. Of course, it helps to be interested in the subject, especially at a smaller place writing, editing and managing and acting as a liaison between print and Web. I know I love the sound of writing about bicycles or men and racing. The outdoors, or hunting. (Really?)

One week until spring break vacation in Florida, where I’m cramming as many photo shoots in the sun that I can!

How many fingers am I holding on?

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