The 407

In jest of my Florida spring break coming up this Friday—a professor prompted: “Spring and break are both fictions”—I’m posting some throwbacks from my spring break last year.

CC and AC battle down the back stretch at Reddick

This year, I’m on assignment to capture a travel video in under 2 minutes, photo essay a story around my hometown, summarize my trip in one photo for extra credit and report on a few mock magazine assignments for Muchacho magazine, which if you did not know is a project for five students in the Newhouse school and coming this May 2010. Sweet.

Engle tails Hall around sandy section at Reddick qualifier

Knowing me, I’m going to work out on the motocross track. There’s the Dade City sponsor cup on Saturday night and the Loretta Lynn’s qualifier the next morning at Forest Glen, a new track down by Bradenton.

Couture and company at Dade City sponsor cup in 2009

With so much to look forward to: who shows up in the A class, some good battles on the mini bikes, family and friends, the Florida sun on my face, I’m just sitting here thinking about it and actually starting to miss Florida a lot!

Thumbs up after Alligator enduro 2006, even from way back there


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