Ace of a place

While I was on assignment in Florida, I made a visit to Ace Metric, the newest bicycle shop in Orlando.

Ace Metric still needs a sign out front at 1018 Mills Ave. in Orlando

After circling the block, I found Ace Metric tucked in the corner. I walked in and was greeted by the owner, Michael Blackshaw, a very inspiring and down-to-earth Yeppie – A Young, Engaged Problem-Solver: a group of committed younger people, about two-thirds women, whose nature is to be civically engaged, who actively look for ways to contribute and who engage in social
activity in the real world and online.

I told Mike about my troubles finding the place, and he laughed, having just opened the new shop on Mills Avenue in Orlando. He hasn’t even had the grand opening, yet, but he’s hard at work inside the shop. We talked in between customers about the only bicycle shop in the 407 area specializing in free wheel and fixed gear bicycles.

Mike cuts down a pair of handlebars for a customer

It was just an awesome vibe, so I sat on the couch for a few hours snapping photos in the midst of our interview.

View from my spot on the couch inside the shop

Check out the Web site here. Stay up.

Fixed Gear Bicycle Boutique/Repair Shop

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