Moto camp champ

Today in Canada, the Motopark Training Facility welcomed Jacqueline Ross to headquarters where she’ll be posted up this summer and counseling moto kids on how to ride like a champion. That’s in addition to her competing in three East Coast rounds of the CMRC pro nationals along with the East/West shootout.

J-RO at the Florida GNCC in 2008

The other night, I sat down for a salad and turkey burger, (“no bun or cheese, please,”) dinner with J-RO, and she let me in on the excitement. For one, she’s riding Troy Lee gear from Freedom Cycle in Nova Scotia. And she’s running something extra special on her jerseys.

The Motopark site describes J-RO, of course, as a multiple Florida Winter Series Champion, and that she’s coming off a knee injury, she’s riding her KTM two stroke, of course. But they forget to mention how super pumped she is to get back on the bike after swimming for so long. She’s ready to race, and I’ll just go ahead and let out another secret: she can’t believe how fast she’s been going.

The message boards are hot, too. What they’re saying:

– There goes the neighborhood!

– We are gonna see some blood & guts racing in the East!! :! :!

– Ross will go undefeated.

– my girl Jacque’s got it covered.

– She will bring back the excitement by having some good solid racing at the front. Jacqueline is fully healed,and if you check out you tube (maybe someone can post the link) type in Jacqueline Ross,and watch the second video, you will see she hasn’t lost any speed, thats for sure. [Ed. note: YouTube link, here.]

– No competition here for her! Will win by the proverbial mile

– Jacqueline Ross is coming? What picture just entered my mind? Not a bad one that’s for sure :!

This is all anyone sees of J-RO

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