Retiring Red Dog

When Tim Ferry announced his retirement from professional motocross in June, it was a sad day in motocross.

On the message boards: “Thanks for the memories Timmy. You’ll be missed.”

“Thanks for great memories Mr. Ferry. You were a pleasure to watch.”

“I’m running out of guys to root for.”

“I’d love to see him go dominate the GNCC’s someday. That’s his kind of racing, he got faster as the moto went on.”

Known as Red Dog, he’s a ginger, Ferry is a West Palm Beach native and a true bull-dog on the track. I just interviewed @therealreddog for the August issue of Florida Motocross Magazine. In all of his 18+ years riding pro, Ferry said his best years were riding for Monster Energy Kawasaki during the 2007-08 season. I asked him what’s next, a possible transition into off-road, and learned a few things about the future of dirt bike racing from one of the most respected guys in the sport.

Ferry (left) getting ready at the Highpoint national, May 2007

Ferry gets some traction after the start

I also learned there’s hope for the Tim Ferry Fan Club, if you have a fast kid who needs a riding coach.

Ferry took fourth overall with a 3-4

Red Dog – A Career in Pictures


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