Hey dawg, if you’re reading this, I was just wondering if Pitdog can find it in his heart to come out of retirement for an old friend? Pitdog was a very beloved part of the FTR organization back in my days of racing. I even saw him once at a banquet. He was, like, the Grand Poobah of everything. For those of you who weren’t around back then, read Pitdog’s last entry:

To all my readers and fellow riders.
I am announcing my retirement from this column. I originally envisioned a small section on the FTR site for readers to get answers to their off-road riding questions and get them posted for entertainment and general information to the site readers. It has been my pleasure to respond to the questions with some professional insight, a little humor, and a lot of heart, to readers and riders World-Wide. I understand this column took hits many times the number of any other location on the site. I intend to take a break, while I search for the heart it took to be that involved and do the column on a daily basis. Please contact the Web Master of this site for assistance to issues on off-road riding.
Thank you very, very much.

In Daytona Beach, Nicky Hayden is honored by the Great People of North America, but his name is misspelled

One Reply to “Pitdog”

  1. As I read some of the post, I was amazed at the wordsmith and sentence construction of my answers. Where did that come from? Jenn’s the one with the degrees. A LOT has changed since my years with FTR. I don’t even have a bike! I very much enjoyed writing that article for everyone, but the mountains have called me. I’m in Western North Carolina now, with miles of trails out my back door that I don’t even ride. Gravity.
    Of those of you reading this, maybe there’s someone out there with some with some basic writing skills and general knowledge of tuning to do the article. I’ll even help. (Can’t believe I said that).

    Ride Hard

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