Over my head

I just checked out my latest student loan documents, courtesy of the National Student Loan Data System. The total for all loans is…drum roll please…$86,809! Wow! That’s incredible…I recently tried to call Sallie Mae to discuss some repayment options and I was on hold for more than 25 minutes before I hung up. How discouraging!

On another note, my new 2011 Ford Focus is awesome and averaging more than 32 miles per gallon. The other day, I got on the gas coming out of second gear and the front end got a little squirrelly. I forgot what it’s like to have power under my pedal after years of driving trucks built in the 90s.

In other news, one of the today’s topics for #postaday2011 is: Best Accomplishment of 2010? Of course, that would be completing my master’s degree from Syracuse University with a 3.305 GPA! Not bad…I miss school, though. There’s nothing like setting foot on campus and breathing in the academic air. It’s a different vibe than the real world and one that brings  excitement, even in the blizzards when I used to pedal up the icy hill to class last winter. Yes, I do miss it.


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