At the Bartow hare scramble in November, next to a citrus grove just south of Disney World, the old mining site sat beautifully untouched with thousands of wide-open acres and a motocross track to top it off. Spectators saw a few top riders could handle the woods and jump around without making an error. I shot a lot of pics that I had not looked at until today.

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Earlier, I tried convincing a friend to ride his first-ever hare scramble race this weekend. He can clear a triple and rail a berm but has never raced between a set of orange arrows for more than a few corners around an old worn out trail. I tried telling him it’s not just an hour or more of whooped out straightaways…although it has been before…The race this weekend in Brooksville is known for the hilly and hard pack terrain. It’s not just palmettos roots and sugar sand, I told him. Sadly, it’s more than $100 to come and “try” one event, so I couldn’t blame anyone for not being too pumped about cruising through the woods without any jumps to worry about or rhythm sections to memorize. “It could get boring for you,” I told him, knowing that would never happen to me if I was racing. He asked me, “How long does the moto last? Like 45 minutes or so?” And I laughed. “It’s one race,” I said.  It’s like an hour-and-a-half…or so.”

For one race, it’s $50 to join the Florida Trail Riders club, and $50 for the entry fee. There’s a transponder that’s required, too, for $40, but a lot of people now are racing without one and forcing the scoring tent to manually keep track. I believe they are then disqualified, or at least that’s what’s going to start happening. It also costs to enter the landowner’s gate while I’d say is the easiest money to get rid of.


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