I arrived at the Brooksvile hare scramble yesterday right before sunset and just in time for the quad race. The track was a mix of hills and off-camber turns along the ridge, sand and a makeshift motocross track with a few small jumps. I spotted Kyle Keylon in one of the folding chairs and stopped to ask him if he was planning on racing on Sunday. “Dad won’t let me,” he said, smiling. “Supercross.” I told him good luck and I secretly think he was happy to be recognized. I waited for the Quad AA racers to come around, wondering who would be out front.

Yoshimura Suzuki's Chris Borich

It wasn’t surprising when I saw Chris Borich fly by in the top spot. He’s the defending GNCC XC2 Pro Champion for the second year in a row. In the off-season, the Pennsylvianian’s been training down in Florida and hitting a few FTR races trying to get ready for the first GNCC in March.

I believe those are the dimples of Quad Open C rider Jeff Marinko on a Polaris

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