I heard a song lyric the other day that stirred something inside of me – although at the time, I just thought it sounded good, I didn’t know why. Of course, it was a country song  about love, but I remember being overcome with emotion like I had just awakened with a new perspective, driving down the back-roads in Volusia County…

“It’s a moment frozen there in time.
When the reasons all begin to rhyme.
Where love’s a little bigger and you finally start figurin’ out.
That’s what it’s all about.”

I had find out those “reasons.”

Then, I was catching up with a friend over coffee, and we were got to talking, like good girl friends do, about love and work. She said something that really put everything I had been telling her – about balancing a social life with being a professional – into another perspective. She said, “Someone who doesn’t share your values shouldn’t share your life.”

Again, gripping stuff.

More effective, for me at least, has always been the hands-on approach to learning and finding out the answers for myself. So, after agreeing to go on the boat with a few friends, I met someone who (finally) inspired me to better some of the decisions that I make – putting things off until the last minute, not looking at life gratefully, ignoring even the smallest miracles. “Why not do what no one else is doing? Haven’t you always wanted to be your own person?” I thought, why do people shy away from blazing their own trail? And, while I love fitting in and going with the crowd (especially when everyone is having fun,) I think it’s about time I do something different. I’m grateful for the chance to try again.

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist monk

One Daytona Boulevard, Daytona Beach



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