“I’m determined that the change of seasons should also serve as an impetus to spring-clean my entire life, not only my refrigerator and closets.” Spring cleaning for your mind, body and spirit – WaPo

I’d forgotten one of the most important rules of the road: Always check the weather. When I took off for the mountains of North Carolina on Monday morning, it was 80 degrees in Florida and my car was averaging 33.1 miles per gallon. As soon as I hit the Georgia red clay, however, the outside temperature dropped 40 degrees and the AVG climbed past 34. When I arrived in North Carolina, 400 miles later, I stopped for gas the second time and looked severely out-of-place in my tank top, running shorts and flip-flops. I figured the sun would come up eventually and it did before setting behind the mountains at the house.

North Carolina is having mood swings with this Seasonal Affective Disorder, ” a condition in which individuals experience mild symptoms of depression during the colder, darker seasons of the year” – from The Cornell Daily Sun – “any Psych 101 student can tell you that it is now considered a diagnosable condition, and there are even marketed solutions to treat it.”

Two days later, it’s still gray and gloomy around here and all anyone wants to do is go shopping. Folks are dressed in winter coats and boots unlike Florida where, instead of sitting in a Starbucks, I would be outside at the pool working on my laptop and trying not to grease up the keyboard.

C’mon Get Happy with These Mood Boosters – Eat right. Exercise. Bond and laugh with friends. Drink tea. See the light.

I’m a firm believe that the weather – Nature’s Magician – influences our mood. There are studies examining “the relationship between weather (temperature) and stock market.”


When I return to the sunlight this weekend, I’m looking forward to a little spring cleaning and creating a spring and summer wish list. From the Washington Post, “Start by brainstorming ideas to make the warmer months special: Do you want to scope out a new country? (Yes) Plant tomatoes? (Not so much) Ride your bike more? (Yes!) Visit a particular museum or water park? (Off-road park?) Blow bubbles together in the back yard? (Alone?) If all of your dreams for the season are written down and posted on the fridge, it can be inspiring…”

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself – Leonardo da Vinci


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