Today’s topic: When was the last time you were scared? What happened? What did you learn? Are you still afraid of that situation?

Back in the day, I had one of those “Ain’t Skeered” No Fear T-shirts, which I wore with pride out on the town. I wanted everyone to think I was hardcore, that I raced dirt bikes and wasn’t scared of anything. Truthfully, I was a Scaredy Cat. During the race, I was afraid of everything – going too fast through the whoops or getting head shake down the straight away and breaking another wrist – and I learned to be careful, but I loved the thrill so I welcomed the fear. And, as I grew older, I got faster and more scared of things.

Thrill-Seekers Thrive on the Scary- Exploring the ‘dark side’ may be a psychological need that’s met when the scare is actually over.

Recently, I’ve been scared, but not like I used to…



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