Today’s topic: “Write about something to do with bacon. Do you like it? hate it? Wish there more of it, or less? Do you like the way it looks, or do you wish you never saw it again? What do you think of bacon flavored chocolate, or the significance of the phrase “bringing home the bacon?”

I’m not one to write about food, but I just saw a new Baconalia promotion by Denny’s and realized  a blast of bacon recently. Thanks to Google, I learned a Chicago company created a unisex scent to make the wearer smell like bacōn which “dramatically” elevates “mood with a secret recipe blending 11 popular pure essential oils with the essence of…bacon.”

I found numerous articles devoted to bacon…

  1. In Defense of Bacon: What Denny’s Doesn’t Get
  2. World’s First Bacon-Scented Mobile App From Denny’s
  3. Why is There Bacon in Flippin’ Everything?
  4. WTF: April Bacon Easter Gifts?

Crazy! As for me, I’m trying to quit eating bacon – unless I wake up to the smell of it – and start bringing home more bacon.


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