So Pro

This month, I interviewed Malcolm Stewart, the younger brother of James Stewart AKA The Fastest Man on the Planet. Malcolm talked about going pro earlier this year, turning 18 and what he’s learned since his first professional race in Houston. He took the holeshot award there, not letting off the gas around the first turn, and then crashing into another rider after a few corners. The boy aint scared of nothin’. I talked to him a few years ago, when he was making his debut in the A class as a 16-year-old. He’s matured a lot since then, he’s friendly and talkative.  Actually, he’s pretty funny and he’s still a good ol’ country boy – living at the Stewart Compound in Haines City is like its own country. I wondered whether to edit our interview for grammatical errors, but then I remembered professors saying it takes away from the story, loses its authenticity, so I kept in most “aint”s even though it aint a word.

One of the perks of graduate school last year came about a week ago in the form of a check from the government – the education credit. I pictured buying a dirt bike finally, training through the summer, pedaling my mountain bike, running, eating clean and riding one or two days a week, and I truly looked for a bike that I could afford – my standards are high, though, thanks, Pops – so I decided to wait on making such a purchase. I’m actually looking for a sponsor and trying to work out a deal.

Today, I splurged on a GoPro helmet cam because tomorrow is press day at the Wake Games in Orlando AKA a chance to see if any of the pro wakeboards want to wear the GoPro on their helmet. It’s waterproof, HD and records in widescreen. I’m stoked.


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