I’m sprucing up my website again with a new template and links to all of my social media sites. I just updated my Flickr account and will be posting photos there frequently with my 8 megapixel camera phone!

Yesterday, I spent about six hours at the Orlando Watersports Complex covering the sixth annual Nautique Wake Games. Then, I hauled home to change before my Saturday night shift from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. at the paper. Talk about a long day! I love covering extreme sports, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about wakeboarding that remains a mystery. I can usually pick things up pretty quick, and I have wakeboarded before, but I still don’t understand the lingo! So, it’s hard to write a story when there’s communication problems.

Anyway, I’ve been journaling a lot and thinking about starting (another) private site for my eyes only. Here are 10 Ways Journaling Makes You a Better Writer.

I also came across this post: The Good, the Bad and the Freelancer. Oh, how I can relate. A full-time journalism job, according to the author, is “frustrating as hell – the boss’s ego, the client’s ego, impossible deadlines and basically putting your social life on hold until the weekend (when all you really want to do by then is rest in your PJs all day). And then the check comes in and you have to stop and think: “Is this really worth it all?” ”

Which brings me to my next point. Years ago, when I attended the University of South Florida, I was introduced to Candace Bushnell, creator and author of Sex in the City. She spoke to a (surprisingly) small group of students about her big break – I remember like it was yesterday. She said, “Write what you know.”




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