Lately, I’ve been driving around to bike shops marketing for Florida Trail Riders magazine. From West Palm Beach to Jacksonville and Tampa, in the last few weeks, I passed the 10,000 mile mark on my odometer. Today, it’s around 13K. I’ve driven more since I drove the car off the lot – it had 13 miles on Dec. 26 – than most people do in a year. Such is the life of a wanderer.

Front porch looking out from Beach Blvd Motorsports in Jax
On one side at BBMS
And the other side at BBMS

This weekend, I was in Lakeland at Fun Bike Center meeting with the FTR Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, who agreed to renew my contract to publish the magazine for another year.

Executive Committee regroups after a break at the Board of Directors meeting

I also stopped by the Plant City headquarters of Focus Magazine and picked up some side work and I happened upon a table covered with old issues of FLmx Magazine from the 2000’s.

Infamous Shaun Skinner cover

Last week, I interviewed for a full-time position at the Orlando Sentinel as an online producer managing a startup website, and I was psyched to even be considered, but they hired someone else with more advertising experience. Funny, that’s just what I’m working on…And I’m starting small selling $25 business-card ads in FTR Magazine, but it’s something.

For online journalist Adam Westbrook, running an intentionally small company (or product) is the way to go. “If you’re a journalist dreaming of dipping your toe into business waters, staying small is where it’s at.”

  • For one, the risks are lower: “If the idea eventually fails, you haven’t lost too much, but gained plenty of experience. It’s the old adage: fail fast, fail often.”
  • Two, there is profit sooner: “Staying small – keeping your overheads low – means you’ll be in profit sooner, and your profits will be higher.”
  • Thirdly, small edges out the competition: “With no office rent, stationary or admin staff to pay for you can focus on investing in the business itself. The bigger companies need to charge more to sustain their mass.”
  • And, things can be done a lot faster: “If it’s clear the business needs to go in a different direction you can move that way almost instantly.”
  • Finally, and my favorite, stay small because it’s possible: “The internet has cut the overheads of running a business right down to virtually nothing. In the past you needed to rent landlines, offices and office equipment. These days a website and some moo cards is all you need.”

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