Key time

I’m staying for the week on Big Pine Key with my fabulous family, and so far already, we’ve had a knockout, drag-down fight, so at least we got that out of the way. The house is a great Trip Advisor find, a three-bedroom two-story beachfront with a pool, jacuzzi and the biggest refrigerator I’ve ever seen.

When we arrived on Sunday to ‘This Old House,’ the landlady told us that all of “the work” was not yet complete so she put us up in a hotel on Key West, which ended up working out anyway since we all wanted to walk and shop for a day and do the Duval Street thing like sweaty tourists. We rented scooters, stood in line to take a picture at the Southernmost point, ate raw oysters at the infamous Eat It Raw bar, and saw more wildlife on the island than I thought existed.

Then, after driving back to Big Pine yesterday evening, I took off for a run down US1 as the sun set. As I was just getting into my zone, I watched two Key Deer (small endangered deer from the Keys) pop out from a small forest of trees behind Walgreens walking toward me with their heads in the grass. For a second, I was frightened they would try to eat me but then I remembered that deer are herbivores, so I assumed I was safe. But then, as I was running by, the bigger of the two squared up with me and I thought, “This is it,” fearing an attack but glad I had my phone with me. I remembered my mom warning me not to run from a dog, ever…Alas, the deers let me pass by unharmed, and for that I was thankful.

This morning, my family woke up to this sunrise (pic stolen from Facebook), while I was still sleeping, but I will catch one before we leave.

To be continued…

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Keys, a set on Flickr.


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