Last hope

This, in so many words, was my last lecture for the semester:

“I have enjoyed instructing you all for these last few months. I know some of you will go off and do better than I could ever expect, and I am grateful for that. But those people are few. And they get it. They surprised me. Others have just coasted along, missed entire weeks of assignments, doing the least that could be considered acceptable for an average grade, and that’s if they don’t fail for missing too many classes. Anyway, reach out to me if you need a resume check or contacts anywhere. I’m always here for you as an educator.”
The room stayed silent. I saw one or two heads nodding. Then, they dismissed.

I’m definitely due for a vacation after teaching 6 classes and advising two after school clubs. Today, I finished grading so I’m off until late August. I guess it’s gym time in the meantime!


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