It’s been more than a week that my left eyebrow has been twitching randomly and uncontrollably. I’ve researched some causes – mostly stress and fatigue – and some treatments: hot/cold compress, eye drops, massage, avoid caffeine, relax. Funny, the hardest thing to do is relax. (I thought that’s what I was doing this summer since I’m not teaching?) I’ve also been doing yoga nearly everyday trying to release the worry because “worry does not serve us,” as my yogi says. It seems I carry a lot of worry in my face, apparently, so I’ve been looking into face yoga, which I was unaware existed until now.

I used to get a little twitch before every exam or big test back in my school days, but I haven’t had one in years. I wonder if it means I’m coming “full circle,” as “the reappearance of a pattern, habit, or fear, is often a sign that we have come full circle, and that if we can maintain our resolve through one last test, we will achieve a new level of mastery in our lives.”

Coming full circle is like stepping into a clearing where, for a moment, we can see where we came from and where we are standing at the same time. Remembering that we will be tested again is important, but it’s also important to pause and take a look at the ground we’ve covered, honoring our courage, our persistence, and our achievement. Then we can begin the next leg of our circular journey with a fuller understanding of where we are coming from.


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