I’ve always liked interviewing people in their comfort zone, whether it be in their office or sitting in the passenger seat of their car. During our interview, which usually takes me about 20 minutes, I look around in between questions taking note of my surroundings, getting “color” to add to the article.

Looking fresh for the photo shoot!
Looking fresh for the photo shoot!

Today, I sat on the leather front seat of Matt Boni’s four door pickup and talked about how this former factory supercross and motocross rider wound up at the local Florida Trail Riders Hare Scrambles and Enduro races, racing on his own dime nowadays and for fun, again, too. In the backseat of his truck, his dog Dalton cooled off in the air conditioning while we talked about him growing up in Geneva, which is minutes from the track at Bithlo where we sat now. I remember first seeing him race there in my teens. Then he turned pro at 17, moved to California, Las Vegas for a few years and was in and out of Germany riding professional dirt bikes. Now, at 26, he still calls Geneva home along with his house in Groveland where he keeps a private dirt bike track. He’s no longer racing professionally, so to speak, but he’s still riding his dirt bike on the weekends at the FTR races. For now, he said, that’s all that matters.


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