Girl power

I recently read a report by American Express OPEN that an estimated 1,288 new women-owned business have started each day over the past year and women-owned business now account for 30 percent of all enterprises! 

Last week, my friend and racing buddy started our own business and race team to help support our racing habit while helping other women racers (but more on that later). We’re keeping things pretty much under wraps right now, including our name and the logo that we designed last week since our doors are set to “virtually” open on October 1. We’re still working on our mission statement and we’ve already incorporated with the IRS, purchased a domain name and created a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ve also come up with pen names, too, to help market our team. I’m excited to have a place where I can BE MYSELF since I sometimes censor my thoughts on this blog because I want to try and remain professional. We’re determined to venture out and believe this could turn into something big even though we’re not exactly sure what will happen. And maybe our purpose is yet to be realized but at least we can dream!



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