Since moving twice in the last five months, I’ve tried getting rid of things that I don’t need, use or want, anymore. Clothes and knickknacks top the list but I’ve also shed a few people from my life who I could stand to do without.

Yesterday, the college was closed for convocation, which is basically a teacher work day that gives students the day off. I spent all day attending workshops ranging from learning about lobbyists in the Florida legislature to becoming a better public speaker. In one session, I listened to advice about going the extra mile from the book the Fred Factor. One of the speaker’s quotes reminded me to write this blog:

“Necessity is the mother of strange bedfellows.”

In the past, I might have made a bad habit of surrounding myself with people who need my help because I make them better. But I started noticing that these people might not necessarily be good for me in return. I’ve tried giving others complements but I often hear that I’m wrong because they don’t know how to accept my accolades. It’s draining. I enjoy giving gifts of inspiration and try to let others know I appreciate them but not a lot of people can accept a complement and I wonder, why does it feel bad to receive one?

The vision I have for myself believes in the impossible and I want to sit around and daydream with people who won’t talk me out of thinking positive.


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