Riding the ridge

After riding 18 miles of rocky, off-camber trails at Brown Mountain OHV Park in Collettsville, NC this weekend, I remembered why I need to visit my dad more! The mountainous trails take (at least) a few days of getting used to for this Florida girl since I could not help picturing myself tumbling off a mountain around each corner. I managed to crash just once but that was enough. Man, those sandy-colored rocks looked soft but once I got a little closer – read: front end washed out and I face planted fast – I took a hard hit and my goggles pushed into my face, which gave me a partial black eye. Awesome! I was even more cautious the rest of the day but I enjoyed the change of scenery from the flat woods of Florida.

The next day, Pops drove us down the Blue Ridge Parkway and we saw some of the fall colored leaves across the ridge.




Later, driving around the infamous Grove Park Inn in Asheville, I learned where guests like F. Scott Fitzgerald and President Woodrow Wilson stayed and captured some of the character of the 100-year-old lodge. And, contrary to popular belief, I captured some pretty good stuff while the car was in motion!





Driving home to Florida took a lot of patience with all of the snowbirds from New York, Maine and Illinois cluttering the road. I stayed busy watching videos like this about dating a mountain bike chick. It made me laugh: http://youtu.be/3QUHLMNwcB4


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