In my dreams

I normally dream about people who are on my mind a lot (whether I like it or not.) Sometimes I’m an observer of my dreams and sometimes I’m a participant, but I always see them clearly and know exactly who they are.
But last night was different.
I dreamed about my dirt bike breaking the hot start, which is a button on a four stroke that my two stroke doesn’t even have, but I digress…
So, with the hot start broken, I had to sit out the race this weekend, which is something that I guess I’ll end up doing anyway after re-injuring my neck in Alabama last weekend.
As a result, I made my way back to the hot yoga studio after a 3-month hiatus. The place I found near my house is not a bikram studio (where temperatures reach 105 degrees) like I wanted but it’s hot (around 90 degrees) and it’s yoga.
In last night’s class, I burned 240 calories in just about 80 minutes, which is not a lot but it’s more about strengthen than anything. Plus my heart rate peaked at 150 bpm while I averaged 109.

Interesting to note: of the 25.11 miles I completed at my race last Sunday, I burned 1,080 calories in just under 2 hours and averaged 171 bpm with a max heart rate of 194.

Check out the details, here.


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