Turning 30

I finally turned 30 – an age I have felt since I turned 19, actually. Don’t get me wrong, my 20s were fun and full of memories, but I’ve been looking forward to turning 30 so that I can finally feel the age that I am. Turning 30 means I won’t feel as awkward telling people what I do, like it’s more acceptable to have the career I have had now for 3 years. Maybe now I won’t hear, “Aren’t you a little young to be a professor?”

However, everything that I thought I would have figured out by 30 – mortgage, married, kids, etc. – I’m not even close, but I’ve succeeded in areas I never would have imagined myself. And now, I have an excuse when people ask why I don’t want to go party or clubbing – “I’m old and want to go to bed early.”


It’s funny: I swear, the day after my birthday I woke up so full of awareness and total freedom like I was reborn or something crazy. I decided I want to better promote myself and think I’ve spent too much time promoting others (students, companies, friends) and not dialing into what I really want to do (social media consulting, documentaries and photojournalism) so that’s one of my goals for this decade. I have been looking forward to publishing the novel I’ve been working on for 11 years by now but that deadline passed so I set another (coming soon.) I’m also dialing in my yogi headstand (Sirsasana), which is considered “one of the most powerful and beneficial poses you can do. Practicing headstand has been frequently cited as a pose to counteract the symptoms of depression,” and works the core like nothing else!


 Less ego, more breath.


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